Saturday, February 5, 2011

Year of the Rabbit

I feel like I am finally hitting a groove. I got out Thursday night with Kent in Ute Valley Park. We hit about 5 miles in ~1 inch of fresh snow. It was a beautiful night and there was great lighting, almost easier to see without the headlamp.

Friday was a rest day. I originally figured I would get a few miles on the treadmill, but I got a better offer... Actually, I had a date with Alice (my 7 year old). We went to Chik Fil A, Mr. Biggs then out for ice cream. After go-karts, laser tag, inflatable jumpers, and getting home at 9:30, I was totally spent and punted the plan for a run. But what an awesome night. With four kids, it is really special to get some one on one time.

This morning Jen got out for a long run, and wound up getting in about 11 miles with Kristen. They are training for a new 25k in Cheyenne Mountain State Park, so they are ready, and they still have 2 months. I made it out for a quick 5.3 miles in Garden of the Gods this morning. I cut it short because we had to head out to Denver to a Chinese New Year celebration. We all had fun but Mason really had a blast. He enjoys getting to see glimpses of Chinese culture, and it is good for him to see so many other families with brother and sisters of various shapes and sizes!! Enjoy the year of the Rabbit, being a Rabbit myself, I am especially looking forward to it. 

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