Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Blown Away

How's this for irony, I had a long post written titled "Blown Away", making jokes about our crazy awesome weather and the crazy wind that goes with it. Then I blew it away, meaning I accidentally deleted the entire post. Dammit... anyways, I got in 6 miles at 5am with crazy 30 miles per hour wind in my face the first three miles out. I wasn't fast, but it was a workout nonetheless.

I don't think I mentioned anything yesterday about my great end to a crappy Valentines Day. I worked until 7pm and missed the great dinner Jen made for the kids and I. I missed the kids opening their gifts from Valentines Day. So I walked in the door, and my dinner was on the table, and the kids were playing with toys. Sam had gotten a small, indoor remote control helicopter. So of course I walk in and take the controller from him and start playing with it. Then Jen handed me my present... A remote control helicopter like Sam's. I know my wife really knows me and loves me. I also received an outdoor guided day of climbing... awesome.

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