Tuesday, May 31, 2011


OK, I have been totally M.I.A. with no good reason. I have not been working too much yet, really I am just starting. I did get over to Kansas City last week, making some contacts, and I spent the weekend fishing with my Dad, brother, nephew and my oldest Sam up in the Salida / Buena Vista area. Caught enough to make dinner Saturday, threw the rest back.

I guess I have written because I haven't run. My ankle is still pretty torqued. It is very frustrating, though I am finding time to lift and ride. I like to ride, but I need to run. MUST GET WELL.

While healing I did also manage to get a half days climb in at Garden of the Gods. It was my first time out of the gym, and it was outstanding. Might need to start climbing....

Jen is in Costa Rica this week on a mission trip, so I am managing the kids this week while trying to work. Her parents are taking the kids during the day (and some nights) so I can work, thanks!

The fisherman


I climbed the big one you see here

Then I repelled down this


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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Banged Up

Looks like I am going to be a cyclist for the next month or so. Why? You would think it is because I like to ride my bikes (which is true) but the real answer is that my ankle is evidently so jacked up that I can't run.

Jen and I went out today to get in a nice easy 3-4 miler, me still recovering from Collegiate Peaks and she recovering from her surgery (nothing serious, btw). I didn't make it half a mile and I knew I had to stop. Something is just not right. So, the best thing to do is rest. Oh, I have heard it is also very helpful to complain a whole bunch about not being able to run, so I might try that.

I have been saying I was going to ride more anyways, so I guess I really mean it this time.

Did I mention it sucks not being able to run. Next thing you know I will be trying some of these:


Not sure anything could hurt bad enough to make me wear those.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Finished (and technically a PR)

Finished up the BV 50 Miler today. Nice course in the mountains above Buena Vista, CO. The race is run on a 25 mile loop, where you run clockwise then counterclockwise. Everything went well, except it was crazy hot, like 80 degrees. Still, finished in 11:07.

I will try to write more later, I am pretty spent right now.

Here are two pics from the course:

This was still early, you can tell because I am smiling:

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Location:S Main St,Buena Vista,United States

Friday, May 6, 2011

Unemployed and sleeping in a car

All by choice mind you. Laying in the back of my Cruiser in the mountains above Buena Vista just waiting to go lights out and get some sleep. Tomorrow is the Collegiate Peaks 50 mile trail run in these very mountains where I lay.

Today was the last day and work, and I was working to the bitter end. Onward and upward from here. Will report on the race tomorrow or Sunday.

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