Thursday, May 27, 2010

Finally, Weather

We have had a streak of awesome weather. I went out tonight for the first real test of the five fingers. I ran 4 miles through Ute Valley in the dark with no light. It was a perfect night. Warm, light breeze, lots of moonlight. The shoes (slippers/socks ... whatever they are) are really proving out. You can really feel it in your calves, but that is the point. You are running more on the balls of your feet, using the calves for shock absorption, as opposed to shoes doing all the work.

Now I just need to 1) finish a report for work 2) clean the office 3) get in a 20 minute workout... before bed, and it's 10:20. It just might not all get done!!


Running Partners

Was out last night for a nice 5 miler with Kent. Since Kent is typically a traveling consultant we do not get to run during the week very often, it just so happens he was home this week to take care of some sickies in his family. After our run we were in the gym in the basement, and after about 15 minutes Kent started to complain that he was not feeling full strength. All I could think was "Oh Sh!t, time to get out the clorox wipes and perform the comlpete wipedown on the gym". His wife and son have been puking for 3 days pretty violent, we do not need that here.

So far so good, all the Wescott's appear in good health.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Independent Toes

First run this morning in the five fingers. It was an interesting sensation, not quite barefoot but definitely not in shoes. You can really feel the road/trail under your feet. Concrete was a bit harsh, I think asphalt is about as hard as you want to go in these. I got in 3 miles, and I found I like running uphill better in these. I think it is due to the fact that it is easier to land on the ball of your foot when running uphill. I averaged about 9:15 per mile, so I wasn't screaming but was being a bit cautious.

I plan to try to run in these about once a week for starters, see if it help strengthen my calves or help my stride.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

5 Fingers

Check these out. I have been wanting these since they first came out. Well, happy birthday to me. Thanks Mom and Jen.

Maiden voyage tomorrow morning.

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Catching up

Well, I am still very busy, which I do not need to mention since it really is a constant. Still getting in some decent miles with a lot of weights mixed in. I managed 4 days lifting this week, and I can tell the difference in my running.

Got out this morning and ran through Red Rock Canyon to the Intemann Trail then did the Palmer trail loop and back. This is a great run, I think it is somewhere between 10-11 miles, closer to 11. Lot's of good elevation, too. Here a few pics:

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Crazy Jesse

Man, this was one of those mornings. Sam was hacking so loud in bed with a cough that we decided to bring him downstairs to our bed at about 4:30 so he did not wake the other kids. Not much sleep after that, but regardless I still was tired and did not get out of bed until 5:30. Started late on my run, and since I would be forced to go short I took Jesse with me. I would take Jesse with me more often, but she really just does not do very well on the leash. I have been trying to work with her on our walks and my shorter runs, so I brought her along today.

I think she must have been on a puppy crack bender all last night, because she was all over the place today. I think she nearly dislocated my shoulder at one point. Every bunny and bird (which in my hood is about every 15 feet) she was over here and over there.

Still got in a short 3 miles, not real fast, but it also qualified as an arm workout.

I think tomorrow will end up being an off day, as I need to go into the office early and I have Karate with Sam after work. Work is still consuming much of my time, and is adding a fair deal of stress to my life. However, I work with good people and I can see progress on the horizon.


Monday, May 10, 2010

What a Morning

Seriously, sun shining and 50 degrees at 5:30 am. I could have stayed out all day, but all good things must come to an end. I managed to get 5 miles, felt good, and slowly getting some speed and endurance back. The weather is very welcome, it makes me want to really stay in shape.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Quick Lift

Had a great day celebrating Jen today, I guess it is good we enjoy the same things. Started with kids singing at church, then lunch at Einsteins, hiking on Gold Camp Road to St. Mary's Falls, then hanging out in Manitou and dinner at The Loop. Still managed to get in 30 minutes lifting this evening, and plan for a morning run tommorow. We'll see how that works out. Lifting was seriously rough with a Loop burrito in the belly. Finished with 5 minutes of straight abs, harsh!

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sneaking One In

As a father of four, and with a wife who also enjoys running and working out, you have to get a run in whenever you can. Today we had a Putt-Putt party at 10am, and double header soccer games for Paige at 12 noon and 2 pm. So I watched the first game, we ran a couple errands in between games, then Mason and I went for a 5 miler during the second game. This way Jen is actually able to watch a game, as Mason keep us both busy when we are all on the sidelines. It was a real windy day, and cold, but I I got in my run so who cares. Well I guess the folks at Costco might care since we headed there right after the game and I was nice and fresh from my run...

Here's my running partner, all bundled up:

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Basic Priorities

Well, my job is still crazy with no signs of slowing down, so I am trying to boil down everything I accomplish each day to one of three categories. If it is not related to family, work, or exercise it is likely not going to happen. Included in "work" would also be general household maintenance and finances. That's it. Fortunately, I enjoy the exercise so that is what I do for fun these days. This week I have managed to refinish the deck in my free time after work (with a bit of help from Jen today finishing for me... Thanks!!) but I tell you it is tiring to run at 5am, work all day, then work all evening. At least I have been running. Karate tonight, then a late night run, sounds like fun.

Here is a shot from my seven miler yesterday morning:

Keep on truckin!!

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Hate Decks

Decks are a pain. All day just getting the deck ready to sand. No running. No fun. Tomorrow not looking too good either.