Thursday, March 31, 2011

Short but Sweet

Didn't go far but did get in 4 miles. I think I will "force it" again and hit it in the morning for a couple hours - that will be here before I know it.

Force It

Ok. This week has sucked from a running standpoint, and it is mostly caused by work. However, it is looking up in a huge fashion as we are heading back to Monarch for the weekend with the kids and a bunch of friends. Yes, this will make it next to impossible to run any significant distance this weekend. But we will have crazy fun and that's what matters.

So when will I run? How about right now. Half way through a Dos Equis and tired, and dammit I am throwing on shorts and heading out. Why do I feel the need to write this, you ask? So I cannot punk out. 10:24pm and I am heading out in search of miles. Actually looking forward to this, maybe I will run past a bar.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Worst Run Ever?

Saturday night I was planning to get in a nice long run after the kids went to bed. I made it out the door at about 9pm and headed in the general direction of Old Colorado City. The weather was nice and I was just enjoying myself, when I had sudden "stomach problems". Let's just say there were a few stops at grocery stores that were still open as I meandered my way back home only ending up with about 9 miles.

The last 2 weeks have been terrible from a mileage standpoint, as I have simply had many other important things to address. Plus being under the weather did not help. With Buena Vista just about 6 weeks away, I need to step it up in a big way.

Yesterday I went out snowboarding with Sam at Monarch., It was a fun day with just the two of us. I will try to post pictures in the next day or so.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Playing Hookey

The kids are on Spring Break this week, so I have been trying to get a bit of time off work to hang out a bit. We are all a bit bummed we aren't going anywhere cool, so at a minimum I can take a couple days off, right? Work is still crazy, and not much fun these days. So it is not a great week to be gone, but I did get the afternoon off Wednesday, and took the whole day today.

I managed to get 6 miles this morning in Garden of the Gods, and although I feel better in general, I am still congested which becomes obvious during any exercise. Still, it was a good morning out and the weather was awesome.

Not sure what to do with the rest of the day? We are open til 4:00, might go do something fun I think.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Game On Wayne...

Had a good run tonight, 5 miles wandering through Ute Valley. Actually took a few lesser known trails that I had not been on before. 

My lungs were congested the first mile or so, and it was actually pretty tough going. However, once they cleared a bit I was able to run fairly easily the rest of the way. It felt good to be out, I had not run since Monday, by far the longest break of the year so far. I will need to really focus the next 3 week to get ready for BV before I need to taper. 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Continued Forced Rest

I had a brutal week at work this week, between the travel to start the week and non-stop problems once I got back. The worst part is, I really started feeling like I might be getting sick by Wednesday. I did make it through the work week, and I never really felt so bad like I shouldn't be there, just had a chest cough that was pretty rough. By Friday, I knew it was catching up, and by the time I left work Friday I was pretty much shivering and fairly sure I had a fever.

When I got home I was right around 102 degrees, and I proceded to curl up under a blanket and watch some movies. After a hard night, I did feel better today, but not great. Cough is winding down but I have a real sore throat. By lunch time I was able to get around and grab a shower, and we were able to get out a bit and check out the Front Range Cyclist bike show and hit the park and play for a bit. We went to Rudy's for dinner, and then came home to play outside for a bit.

Most of the kids seem healthy now, except Paige is still dragging a bit. I think I am on the uptick, hopefully the throat feels good tomorrow and I can get a few miles and get back in the swing of things.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Choked Up

Had to make a tough decision tonight. It is gorgeous outside, still about 60 degrees right now at 10:30 pm. I should have been out tonight, I could have gotten in good miles in great weather. So why not...

I think I am getting a chest cough. I am hacking more and more by the minute. And when you consider I have two girls in my house just starting to get over Bronchitis, I am a bit concerned. I always hear that you can run with a head cold, but you got to take it easy when it is in your lungs. So I hate it, but I am taking my second day off in a row. (I missed yesterday as I was working / traveling all day)

Here's to waking up feeling better... I hope.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Delta Blues

I spent the last two days in Greenville, MIssissippi, and I could not be more genuine in the statement that I am glad to be going home. Even with 3 of 4 kids sick at home, I cannot get there fast enough. Being my first trip to delta country, it was as expected, if not potentially more depressed.

I got out for 5 miles yesterday. It is always fun to run at sea level in the flattest place I have been in a while. Quite a change from the 6k vertical I got in on Sunday.

Heading out through the neighborhoods, I may have found the one area of the country that makes flint look prosperous. It was alarmingly depressed, the only real highlight was eating at "Doe's Eat Place". Look it up it is outstanding.

Here is a snapshot of Does:

The guy in the t-shirt is the cook, and those are steaks on the table waiting for cooking. You walk in through the kitchen of a small house and eat at any one of the many tables strewn through the kitchen/dining/living room. Oh yeah, and when you walk in they just tell you to grab yourself a beer from the cooler. Outstanding.

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Getting High

After a delayed start due to a houseful of kids with various ailments, I was able to get out at noon for a long(ish) run today with some great vertical. First of all, it is always nice to get a chance to run mid-day. For a guy with a full time (and a half) job and four kids, most of my runs start in the dark or end in the dark. Or in many cases they start and end in the dark.

Today was perfect for running. It was over fifty degrees without too much wind. I started in Red Rock Canyon, crossed the Intemann Trail to The Palmer Trail, then went about 2 miles up the Trail #666. Not sure the name of that one but I could think of a few... Got a total of just over 16 miles, with 6,004 feet of total elevation gain. This is exactly what I need. That is almost 60% of the total gain I will see in 50 miles at Collegiate Peaks, and I kept an 11:30 pace.

I did get a few pictures on today's run, here they are:

Garden of the Gods from above Red Rock Canyon.

Behind Red Rock Canyon looking towards Section 16.

Somewhere along the trail (self portrait). Sometimes I take pictures as a good excuse to rest...

Must have needed more rest.

Last view of town from the #666 trail. This is not quite two miles up from High Drive.

What a great way to celebrate the time change. I absolutely love the longer days, it immediately improves my mood. Off to Mississippi tomorrow, hope to get a good run in tomorrow night on the Delta.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Nice Night

Last night I met a friend for an easy run through Ute Valley Park. I ran to the park, then we did a 5 mile loop and I ran home. Once home, I grabbed the dog for a final fast mile. Total was 8.2 miles.

We are happy to have heard from Jen's parents last night. They are currently traveling in Japan, staying with friends well south of Tokyo. They are fine, and their primary concern is regarding return travel.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tough Week

I had a hard time posting last week since there really wasn't much to say. My work has been very difficult lately and last week my mileage took a hit. Ran a total of 20 miles in 3 days, with the longest at 10 miles. Ultimately, I think I am better off giving my body the bit of rest, but it never feels right when it is not "planned" downtime.

It was a good weekend, as Paige turned 6 on Sunday, and we had friends and family over to celebrate. Certainly a worthy excuse to skip a run.

Here is Paige getting her ears pierced Sunday for her birthday.

The finished product.

I did get out with the Trinity group last night for 5.5, then ran 1 more at home with the dog. Was able to comfortably keep up with the lead guys, of course they were tapering for the Salida marathon this weekend, but I am not letting that keep me down. should get a few miles in tonight as well.


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Saturday, March 5, 2011


This has managed to be an unplanned rest week. Three rest days through the M-F weekdays, I will need to bust out some miles today and tomorrow to keep the overall mileage up.

Last night was planning to get out late, but Jen was out on a late girls night out, so I was homebound. It was probably good as I think my body is better off for the rest. Plus, I had a great night with the kids, bigtime chess tournament.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Beat the Weather

It was a gorgeous day today, over 60 degrees and sunny. So naturally, I wait until 9 oclock to get out for a run racing to beat the snow and rain that are coming in. At least we were successful in having to deal with only the wind. By the time I drove home it was raining.

Kent and I made it out tonight for 5 miles in Ute Valley. Nice night on the trails, and in the park we managed to mostly dodge the wind.

On a positive racing note of a different sort, Sam and I were able to test out the Pinewood Derby car tonight and things are looking good. I think Sam's design could really prove out. Now we just need to finish the racing stripes and we are ready to go.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fleet Feet

After a rest day yesterday, I was fully planning to run this morning. Of course, I had a couple things to get done here around the house before work as well, which took way longer than planned (and still didn't get done). As you probably already figured out, no run this morning.

When I got home from work today (at almost 7pm) the kids were waiting for me to play some chess. Yes, they are in the "Chess Club" at school. All the cool kids are doing it. So, two games of chess while eating dinner, then getting the kids down, all the normal stuff.

I finally got out at 9pm, and figured I would just get some junk miles. When I started out, I felt pretty good, so I started to push it a bit. I ran my normal 5 mile loop, which is 3.5 miles downhill followed by a fairly brutal 1.5 mile climb to get home. I was hoping to get to the 3.5 mile mark in 27 minutes to give me a chance to run this loop under 40 minutes, which I haven't done this year. (I haven't really tried, but still...) When I got to the mark I checked my watch and I was at 25 minutes even, essentially 7:10 per mile to that point. So I kept the effort stable as I climbed and I finished up in 37:36, about 7:30 / mile for a run that finishes with about a 400 foot climb.

It will be interesting to see how I keep everything going to next two weeks. I have been very lucky to not have any travel for the last year, which is not normal in my line of work. My luck has run out, I will be out 2 to 3 days each of the next two weeks. Need to keep it going while traveling.