Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sunny Saturday

Got out at 10 am this morning for a beautiful 7 mile run on the Sante Fe trail through the Air Force Academy. This is a luxury for me as I rarely get to run at this time of day, and in the daylight no less. It was 34 degrees and sunny, and I was getting hot in shorts and a long sleeve Patagonia top. There were LOTS of people out today, I love days like this.

7.0 miles, 57:04

Friday, January 29, 2010


Last night ran Ute Valley, this morning my short loop around the house. Add them up and it is a decent run...

2.5 miles - 24:54
3.0 miles - 30:14

I did take the dog this morning, which adds an arm workout to the mix.

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The Strip

Wow - running the strip is a unique experience. My brother and I met up in Las Vegas this past weekend for a bit of brotherly bonding. After a long Friday night we gathered ourselves Saturday and managed to get in 10 miles on the strip. That is about 1 1/2 times around the strip. The run was one of the best parts of the trip, as it is always fun to jam out through hordes of drunken masses.

10 miles, 1:25

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Soft week

Seems like these posts are getting redundant. Always not meeting expectations.... Always having a soft week. Well, I feel like I am getting my fitness back, and I am pleased to be at least approaching something that resembles a routine.

The real issue is, I finally started my 2010 training log. I had been recording my workouts on random scraps of paper thrown on my desk. It was alarming when I pulled them together how many "rest days" I has already taken this year. Including Monday through Wednesday of this week. And today, as I leave for Las Vegas in about 2 hours. We'll see what kind of exercise I sneak in while in LV.

Thursday 3 miles 27:10

Need to start the tri training in earnest.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend Runs - Close Will Count

OK - I acknowledge I did not get 5 runs this week, regardless of how steadfast I was in the declaration that I would. I did, however, get to run with Jen on Saturday, during the day. Sometimes I forget how nice it is to run during normal human hours. I definitely forget how nice it is to run with another human, primarily because of the hour at which I normally run. Saturdays nice easy 3 miles with Jen was capped by an unusually awesome finish. When Jen and I pulled into the neighborhood, both Sam and Alice were waiting with the Grandparents in full running gear, wanting to get in a "run" with Mom and Dad. How cool is that. we ran an extra mile with them both, at a reasonable pace. Prepare for Olympics 2024, they both might be players.

Sunday was back to my normal, non-human timing. Out the door at 5:30am to get in some easy miles. I decided to drive somewhere to run, since my car was out of the garage already and I get bored of running around the house. Ok, I admit I planned to leave the car out so I could drive without waking the whole house when putting up the door. You know, there is an urban legend floating around that Mountain Shadows has a Wolf Dog hybrid roaming the streets, I did not intend to find out this early Sunday if he has a taste for skinny guys in spandex. So off I went. I drove the the Garden (of the Gods) to get some scenic road miles in. When I pulled into the main lot, I was the only car. This is actually odd for a nice Sunday at 5:40 am, but oh well. I got out of the car and it was dark, real dark, like freak me out dark. Like, I am such a pansy I think I will get in my car and drive to Manitou to run the streets dark. I always enjoy an early jaunt through Manitou, primarily due to the lack of man eating Wolf Dogs with a taste for Spandex and bone, and the presence of streetlights.

Saturday - 4.0 miles, 41:20
Sunday - 4.0 miles, 30:49

For the week 14.1 miles, is it sad that I am happy with that?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Breaking up the Workday

I was able to sneak out on my lunch today for a 3.5 mile run around the office. Sunny and almost 60 degrees, you don't get much better than that in January. Did not push the pace but I can feel myself slowly coming back to form. After training so long and so slow for Leadville, it is a bit of a process to switch back to shorter, faster runs.

3.5 miles, 29:10

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Short counts... right??

I guess it is better than sleeping in. Got out this morning for a "not quite" 3 mile run. The weather was perfect, ran up above Flying W Ranch road, the city lights and the moon were especially cool this morning, wish I had a camera. Was really bummed I was short on time. Started late, ended early.

Next 2 days could be tough to get out, I need to hit my goal of 5 days this Monday-Sunday. If I run 2x in one day, I will count it as two. Hopefully I am not haveing to run 3 times Sunday to hit the goal.

2.6 miles, 24:05


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Getting the Groove Back

I will admit, I have had more difficulty than I expected getting back into the training mode, after the long lull following Leadville. After an unscheduled break of a few days, I got out this morning at 5:45 for a nice 5 miler. I took 4 minutes off my previous run on the same loop of just a few days ago, and felt great. It was cold but comfortable, about 25 degrees when I started and warmed through the run. I think I am getting back into the mode. It is about time!!

My parents are in town right now, which is always awesome but makes it more challenging to find the time to get out. No excuses!! I will run 5 of 7 days next week.

It is nice to be back.

5.0 miles, 43:15


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Early morning run with heavy lifting

Kent was at my door at 5:30 this morning for an easy run around the block. We did my usual Flying W to Cenntennial to 30th back to Flying W loop. It was cold, but not unbearable, it is always better to run with a partner. Makes it go by much faster and easier. It also seems to keep the pace up just a bit, not that we were lighting it up by any means. After the run Kent helped me move a couch into the basement, which is always fun at 6:30 in the morning.

5 miles, 47:19

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Short and early

Got out early yesterday morning for a slow 3 mile run. Back before anyone was awake in the house. Busy day of errands and toilet replacement, what fun!! I think I washed my hands 50 times yesterday. There is some funky sh!t under a toilet, and I am speaking literally.

3 miles, 31 minutes.

Hope to get out late tonight for an hour or so.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

iPhone test

Just trying out the new App to update from my phone

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Starting 2010 Out Right

After a very long, and much needed rest (try about 4 months!!!) I am starting to get myself back into shape. I have set a target for 2010, just for motivation. I am going to try and run a sub 18:30 minute 5K, which translates to sub 6 minute miles. I am thinking a few smaller triathlons as well, as I really want to finish an Ironman in 2011, so I need to get back in the Swim - Bike - Run mode. Thanks to the new iPhone I should be getting many more pictures posted, so stay tuned.

Yesterday evening 7 miles, 1:03, a good start to the year.