Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend Runs - Close Will Count

OK - I acknowledge I did not get 5 runs this week, regardless of how steadfast I was in the declaration that I would. I did, however, get to run with Jen on Saturday, during the day. Sometimes I forget how nice it is to run during normal human hours. I definitely forget how nice it is to run with another human, primarily because of the hour at which I normally run. Saturdays nice easy 3 miles with Jen was capped by an unusually awesome finish. When Jen and I pulled into the neighborhood, both Sam and Alice were waiting with the Grandparents in full running gear, wanting to get in a "run" with Mom and Dad. How cool is that. we ran an extra mile with them both, at a reasonable pace. Prepare for Olympics 2024, they both might be players.

Sunday was back to my normal, non-human timing. Out the door at 5:30am to get in some easy miles. I decided to drive somewhere to run, since my car was out of the garage already and I get bored of running around the house. Ok, I admit I planned to leave the car out so I could drive without waking the whole house when putting up the door. You know, there is an urban legend floating around that Mountain Shadows has a Wolf Dog hybrid roaming the streets, I did not intend to find out this early Sunday if he has a taste for skinny guys in spandex. So off I went. I drove the the Garden (of the Gods) to get some scenic road miles in. When I pulled into the main lot, I was the only car. This is actually odd for a nice Sunday at 5:40 am, but oh well. I got out of the car and it was dark, real dark, like freak me out dark. Like, I am such a pansy I think I will get in my car and drive to Manitou to run the streets dark. I always enjoy an early jaunt through Manitou, primarily due to the lack of man eating Wolf Dogs with a taste for Spandex and bone, and the presence of streetlights.

Saturday - 4.0 miles, 41:20
Sunday - 4.0 miles, 30:49

For the week 14.1 miles, is it sad that I am happy with that?

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