Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Delta Blues

I spent the last two days in Greenville, MIssissippi, and I could not be more genuine in the statement that I am glad to be going home. Even with 3 of 4 kids sick at home, I cannot get there fast enough. Being my first trip to delta country, it was as expected, if not potentially more depressed.

I got out for 5 miles yesterday. It is always fun to run at sea level in the flattest place I have been in a while. Quite a change from the 6k vertical I got in on Sunday.

Heading out through the neighborhoods, I may have found the one area of the country that makes flint look prosperous. It was alarmingly depressed, the only real highlight was eating at "Doe's Eat Place". Look it up it is outstanding.

Here is a snapshot of Does:

The guy in the t-shirt is the cook, and those are steaks on the table waiting for cooking. You walk in through the kitchen of a small house and eat at any one of the many tables strewn through the kitchen/dining/living room. Oh yeah, and when you walk in they just tell you to grab yourself a beer from the cooler. Outstanding.

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