Sunday, March 13, 2011

Getting High

After a delayed start due to a houseful of kids with various ailments, I was able to get out at noon for a long(ish) run today with some great vertical. First of all, it is always nice to get a chance to run mid-day. For a guy with a full time (and a half) job and four kids, most of my runs start in the dark or end in the dark. Or in many cases they start and end in the dark.

Today was perfect for running. It was over fifty degrees without too much wind. I started in Red Rock Canyon, crossed the Intemann Trail to The Palmer Trail, then went about 2 miles up the Trail #666. Not sure the name of that one but I could think of a few... Got a total of just over 16 miles, with 6,004 feet of total elevation gain. This is exactly what I need. That is almost 60% of the total gain I will see in 50 miles at Collegiate Peaks, and I kept an 11:30 pace.

I did get a few pictures on today's run, here they are:

Garden of the Gods from above Red Rock Canyon.

Behind Red Rock Canyon looking towards Section 16.

Somewhere along the trail (self portrait). Sometimes I take pictures as a good excuse to rest...

Must have needed more rest.

Last view of town from the #666 trail. This is not quite two miles up from High Drive.

What a great way to celebrate the time change. I absolutely love the longer days, it immediately improves my mood. Off to Mississippi tomorrow, hope to get a good run in tomorrow night on the Delta.

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