Saturday, March 19, 2011

Continued Forced Rest

I had a brutal week at work this week, between the travel to start the week and non-stop problems once I got back. The worst part is, I really started feeling like I might be getting sick by Wednesday. I did make it through the work week, and I never really felt so bad like I shouldn't be there, just had a chest cough that was pretty rough. By Friday, I knew it was catching up, and by the time I left work Friday I was pretty much shivering and fairly sure I had a fever.

When I got home I was right around 102 degrees, and I proceded to curl up under a blanket and watch some movies. After a hard night, I did feel better today, but not great. Cough is winding down but I have a real sore throat. By lunch time I was able to get around and grab a shower, and we were able to get out a bit and check out the Front Range Cyclist bike show and hit the park and play for a bit. We went to Rudy's for dinner, and then came home to play outside for a bit.

Most of the kids seem healthy now, except Paige is still dragging a bit. I think I am on the uptick, hopefully the throat feels good tomorrow and I can get a few miles and get back in the swing of things.

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