Thursday, May 6, 2010

Basic Priorities

Well, my job is still crazy with no signs of slowing down, so I am trying to boil down everything I accomplish each day to one of three categories. If it is not related to family, work, or exercise it is likely not going to happen. Included in "work" would also be general household maintenance and finances. That's it. Fortunately, I enjoy the exercise so that is what I do for fun these days. This week I have managed to refinish the deck in my free time after work (with a bit of help from Jen today finishing for me... Thanks!!) but I tell you it is tiring to run at 5am, work all day, then work all evening. At least I have been running. Karate tonight, then a late night run, sounds like fun.

Here is a shot from my seven miler yesterday morning:

Keep on truckin!!

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