Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Freeeking Cold Out

Short post tonight. Ended up just running on the treadmill (which I hate) because it is negative 300 degrees outside. Or something close to that, anyway. (this after I just posted about how I am so tough and love to run in foul weather, but I mean it is seriously like -9 outside!!)

Did one of my preferred treadmill workouts. Start at any speed (I use 7.5 mph) and increase speed by 0.1 mph every quarter mile. It forces you to run negative splits and pushes you out of a comfort zone, plus it breaks up the monotony of running on a hamster wheel. I did 5 miles like this, with increases in speed faster during the last half mile to get me to 10 mph, then I ran a final mile or so at 7.5 again.

Since treadmills are boring, I find it much more tolerable personally to constantly mess with either speed, or incline, or both.

Also, as soon as Jen and I get our computers all straightened out, I will start posting pictures from my runs again.


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