Wednesday, February 23, 2011


This morning I did my first hill repeat workout in a long time. I do remember why I have let it go for so long.

When I woke up it seemed to be blowing pretty hard, so I considered bailing on the run this morning. As I got around I realized it wasn't that bad outside, but I had squandered 20 minutes between laying in bed and looking online at the news. Since I was dealing with limited time, I thought I would squeeze in a short hill workout, thinking the short timeframe would be a good way to get back into these types of workouts.

I did, however, forget how hard it is run up hills, repeatedly, in Colorado. I was pathetically out of breathe halfway through my first push. The second and third got easier, the fourth was brutal, and then I cooled down and went home. .

We are celebrating a holiday in the Wescott house today. It was two years ago today that we first met Mason, and brought the scared little guy back to our hotel in Zhengzhou, China. Now that scared little guy is your normal all American kid, 3.5 years old and no longer timid in any way, shape, or form. He is crawling all over me as I type this, so I think that is my cue to sign off for today.

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