Thursday, February 10, 2011

Groundhog Day

Day 3 out of 4 spent on the treadmill. I really do not get into running on the treadmill that much, but it does serve it's purpose. I was most likely going to bail on the run tonight, but there is no good excuse when there is a treadmill in the basement. Plus, I never really watch TV, so I can watch guilt free.

I managed to get in 6 tonight, so I am keeping pace with my base mileage well. We are expecting a solid warming trend here for a week or so, which should help keep me on pace. About 2 more weeks of 30-35 miles per week and I will really start stretching out some longer runs in March.

On a positive note, one more workday until the weekend. I am really looking forward to some time with Jen and the kids, I am still working too much and I have really been looking forward to any time off.

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