Saturday, February 26, 2011

Busy Day

Started the day by getting up sort of late, around ~6:30 or so, and lounging around for a bit with the kids. I was only planning to run for an hour or so today, so I finally got out about 7:30. I managed about 6 miles in Ute Valley, our local park. It was nice out, except for the wind. Crazy wind!!

I got back in time so that Jen could head out with her friend Kristen and run the last of the Pikes Peak Road Runners Winter Series, a 20K through the Black Forest. She had to battle wind gusts were hitting 50 MPH!! That is not fun. While Jen was running I took Sam to a birthday party then went shopping with Alice, Paige and Mason before getting lunch at Red Robin. After lunch we picked up Sam, then picked up Mom after her race, then headed straight to swim lessons.

The kids have an awesome swim instructor who has worked wonders on Sam, Alice and Paige this year. Today, she was not busy (we were the only ones there) so the owner of the school, Donna, took Mason in the water for a gratis one hour lesson. It was unreal how comfortable he was, and he had a blast. Paige has improved incredibly, and she is very ready to join the team this year. Sam and Alice worked on diving and flip turns, along with some stroke development.

If it sounds like we were busy today, that would be correct. All this and we were home by 2:30, and ready to nap. No time for that, just cleaning and playing with the kids.

Tomorrow I am hoping to get out with the Incline Club for their weekly long run. I have never run with them, so I am looking forward to it.

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