Monday, April 4, 2011


After getting in a slow 5 last night I figured it would be good to get out for another short run this morning before running with the Trinity group later today. I went and did another easy run, 4 miles on an out and back in the snow.
Starting out this morning it was about 5:30 am, and as I came out of the neighborhood a saw a car that looked like it had a head light burned out going VERY slow down Wilson road (which is a big downhill). As I got closer I saw it was a motorcycle riding in about an inch of seriously crunchy, icy snow. I actually diverted my run to follow the direction of the bike down Flying W Ranch road thinking I might see him laying along the road. No further sightings so he must have made it alright, but I cannot imagine what would have made anyone think that was a good idea.

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