Sunday, April 24, 2011

Long Run

I have thoroughly enjoyed my 3 day weekend over this holiday. Saturday started with Jen running the Cheyenne Canyon 25 k, which turned out to be closer to 26 or 27k. It was a cold morning, and the kids were total troopers as we hung out watching the race. It was a good course for spectating, as it was a figure 8 loop with the center being right at the start / finish, which allowed for a consistent flow of runners coming through. Jen finished well, but was pretty smoked after the race. We grabbed a quick lunch at the race, then were straight off to Paige's Double header soccer games. I stayed for the first, then headed out for my long run following before the second.

I was able to run from the soccer complex on the south end of town further south about 3 miles before coming back north on the Sante Fe trail through town all the way to Woodmen Road, then working my way home. All together about 24 miles, very slow but steady. The run gave me the confidence to know I can finish my 50, but it will not be a real fast race. I just hope to get through in one piece.

We had a great Easter, low key with nothing to do. Just finished a nice dinner, now some TV and will be putting the kids down in an hour or so.

As much as we need the moisture we are getting right now, I need some sunshine. With the changes we are going through right now (by choice) I could use a few bright, sunny days!!

Later... and Happy Easter

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  1. Those bright sunny days are just ahead becaus you will make them!!