Sunday, April 10, 2011

Last Minute Mileage

Well, at about 7:45 am while I was still in pajamas, Paige decides she was fine and could go to church with Mom. The good news, I can run. The bad news, I have 15 minutes to get dressed, ready and get to Manitou. Actually, since that is an impossible task, I just go as fast as I can. Believe it or not, I was running by 8:07 am out from Memorial Park in Manitou.

I ran from the Park in town, to Ruxton, up Ruxton the the Ute Pass Trail, up the UPT to Waldo Canyon, looped Waldo and back up to Long's Ranch Road, to Barr Trail and back to the car. Round trip was right at 19.4 miles with ridiculous elevation, finished with 0.6 barefoot just to round it out to a nice 20 miles.

For anyone that has not been there, Long's Ranch Road is as relentless a trail as I have been on. I have not downloaded the GPS data yet, but my guess is that is climbs about 3000 feet in three miles. My splits for these three miles were 14 minutes, 15 minutes and 23 minutes. Yeah that last mile is fairly brutal. The good news is once you crest the summit, it is pretty much downhill for the 5.5 miles back to the car.

This run really worked as a confidence boost as I make the last ditch effort for Collegiate Peaks. Everything went well, unless you count the portion on Waldo where a guy ran me down, and as we trotted along together he told me about his knee surgery from 8 weeks prior. Nice... I was the unwilling rabbit for his rehab run.

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