Monday, January 24, 2011

Time to Go Back to School (no, not really)

Life has been very busy, between chasing the (4) kids, work, work and more work. It was definitely time to sign up for a race. I really have not run significantly for myself since Leadville, with the exclusion of finishing the Denver marathon last fall (but really I was simply there to document Jen's first marathon... that was her race).

So what to do, what to do... I think I will go to college!! Of course, I mean the Collegiate Peak Trail Run.

50 miles of beautiful trails around Buena Vista, CO. I am really looking forward to this, as all reports have stated  this is a great run and well organized.

There really is no motivation like a registration. This time it feels great, I am really invigorated to get into a solid routine again, as opposed to the "here and there" running I have been doing the last year. Right now I am focusing on re-establishing a solid base, at about 25-30 miles a week. after another week or so, I will keep it pegged between 30-40 miles a week with a day per week of hills or speedwork, and at least one day per week of weights. By the end of Feb I should be averaging 35+ miles per week and building the long runs to get myself ready. Not ready for any predictions yet, but I have a real positive attitude this time, and I think it is reasonable for me to start looking at goals for Ultras beyond simply finishing.

More to come...

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