Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Proud Papa

Today was Sam's first attempt at a multi-sport event, not bad for an eight year old. He is participating in the local "Splash and Dash" series, which consisted of a 150 yard swim followed by a 1.25 mile run. He did great.

He had to compete in the Under 12 category, so there were definitely some bigger kids in the race. We started him near the back of the swim, just to keep him from getting intimidated, and they were staggering the start, so there was no real harm to the overall time to do so. He came out of the pool after a solid swim and just crushed the run. We had no less than 5 people come up to him after the run and compliment him not only on his run, but how much he was smiling as he finished!! It is only worth doing if it is fun, I am just happy that he really seems to enjoy it.

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