Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot..

2 days of 90 degree weather, gotta love it. I have been steadily maintaining about 23 miles per week for the last month, which sounds incredibly weak unless you really knew how much I blew off running after Leadville. Need to figure out what races to do this year????

I am planning to run the Denver marathon with Jen so long as someone can watch the kids the night before. It will be so cool to be able to help her get through her first 26.2 and see her cross the finish line (from behind, of course. She will finish before me). Other than that I was considering maybe the America the beautiful marathon right here in Colorado Springs. All downhill on a gravel course, it is really a great course.

Other than maybe a marathon, I really want to get a few tri's in. I took my bike into Criterium to have them run new cables and housings and it will be ready Tuesday, so I am psyched! I have never paid someone to work on my bike before, but I got sick of looking at it in the workstand. Let the pros take care of it, I just want to ride it.


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