Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer is Here!

It seemed like it would never come... Summer. Well, it has finally arrived. There is nothing better than being out the door for a 5:30 am run and being and to break a sweat. Sunny and warm, it's about time.

I did get out for an 8 miler this morning after a rest day yesterday, I was feeling ok but just a bit worn down. I have been struggling with a minor cold, and running while stuffed up is just not any fun. I think I am past the worst of it, and should be in gear for some big miles across the Holiday weekend.

Had some good wildlife spotting this morning, I ran across a group of mule deer bucks, 9 in all. Their racks were all in velvet, very cool. I also spotted my first fawn of the season, looked like he was just born last night, very wobbly legs and he kept bleating at me to go away.

Part of what has made this event so much fun is the people at LOOK. The lady's at the LOOK project are so excited about this, it makes it even more fun and worthwhile. Keep the $$ rolling in, 7 weeks to go!!


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