Monday, September 27, 2010

Still Got It

Well, I am still planning to run the Denver Rock N Roll marathon on October 17th with Jen, so I have been stretching into some longer runs on the weekends just to make sure I am up for the challenge. I was able to get a full 20 miles in this weekend, in just over 3 hours. I felt great through this entire run which was a big confidence boost for me. Now I will just focus on getting in about 40 miles this week, with a pair of moderate runs this weekend and I should be good to go.

I have been running on a more regular schedule lately, averaging 25-30 miles per week so I am definitely back to a better routine. Also getting more time in the weight room, which always helps my running.

Other than that, it is just all about work and kids, sneaking in the runs when I can!!

Here is a snapshot I took after running around Rampart Reservoir last weekend. This is Pikes Peak from the North. it was perfect up there last weekend!!

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