Friday, August 6, 2010

Michigan Running

The family just got back form 9 days in Michigan, enjoying good times with the extended family. Had some good runs at Sea Level, I always love to run in the heat and humidity. However, it is definitely nice to get back to Colorado to the dry air and altitude.

This has been a tough week, I had to make some staffing changes this week, which is not a good part of my job. Got in a short run last night, but not enough. I have been consistently posting 60+ hour weeks, which has put a major dent in the running. Jen has been good about letting me get to the Trinity Brewery runs on Mondays, so I get a good 8 mile push then with some guys with skills, so there is some motivation in that. Plus the beer at the end is always good as well. Still looking at a quick push for September and October Marathon's (I will NOT be prepared, but that has never stopped me) so I will be cranking it up soon!!

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