Friday, June 10, 2011

A Humbling Endeavor

So, as everyone knows, I am "injured" and am currently not running. Thus, I am trying to find other outlets to keep myself in shape. I have been lifting, on the bike, etc. I have been saying I need to get in the pool, as swimming is a great workout, etc, etc.

Wednesday I met Jen and the kids at the pool at lunch and decided to get in a few laps. Now, I have never been a great swimmer, but I have always been a reasonable swimmer. I won't drown, and I can get back and forth looking like I reasonably know what I am doing. I am just not very fast. Oh yeah, and I am also very good at hiding how hard it is for me to breathe while swimming. I generally feel like I am a half stroke away from passing out. Wednesday was no exception. I swam all of 750 yards. That is 15 laps (or 30 lengths, depending on how you like to count.) I did end up swimming 2 of these laps breaststroke, just to give myself a few breaks on the breathing issues. And let's just say I was secretly really excited when the pizza showed up so I could nonchalantly get out of the pool like my workout was disrupted.

Oh man, I need to get my leg healed up so I can run.

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